About Us

Home Organizing

Whether you need a simple adjustment or a complete makeover, our home organizing service covers the whole kit and caboodle.

Office Organizing

Make the most of your place of work with our office organizing service.


Moving somewhere and need help with organizing your new place? Worry not, we are here to handle everything from start to finish.

A Little About Us

Your household needs to be flexible to accommodate lifestyle changes. Moreover, your office place needs to be spick-and-span so you will not fail to keep up with your productivity.

The struggle is real; organizing your place and make it cluttered-free. That’s why it’s crucial to set up an easy, attainable approach that will give you peace mind. Let our professionals lend you a hand with it's “LESS IS MORE” approach.

We are a home and office organizing service providers driven by a passion for balance and magnificence. We offer uncomplicated, intuitive solutions to the most challenging organizing problems. Our services are meant to maximize your space, and our experts have a keen eye for efficient design, balance, and clarity.

Meet the Founder

Hi, my name is Nana, and I am the founder and CEO of Home and Office Organizing INC. I am a Professional Organizer and very passionate about providing people with the most customized and affordable solutions for their places.

I've been serving clients for over two decades. The most critical part of my job is listening to customers requirements, and work at their pace while leveraging my experience and skills to bring idolized places to reality. With great honor, not only I listen to my clients but also ensure all their specifications are met, if not exceeded.

Also, I pride to have professional organizers who are capable to wow you by providing exceptional organizational services customized to fit your individual situations.