Satisfied Clients

Tamila Beriashvili

Nana and her team did a really professional job by helping us with packing and unpacking during the moving to our new house. I also organized our kitchen and closets. I will definitely recommend her to everyone who needs little or more help with organizing and decluttering their belongings and I will hire her again if it's needed. Lakewood, NJ

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Maia M.

I've known Nana for years... And the very first thing I had noticed when I first met her was her immaculate organization skills and great taste in everything she does... She is lovely as it gets, adorably social and extremely detail-oriented in everything she touches... So from 1 to 5 scale, she is 10...Do you need to bring your massy space in order? Trust me! She is your girl... You will love the results and her professionalism

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Andria Saunders

Amazingly Transformative!

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Anthony Perez

I am a very busy person and do not often have time for even myself sometimes. Home Office Organizing is a great continuous help for me for organizing my room whenever I need them. You guys are the lifesavers, thank you very much.

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Anna McLaren

I am new to running an entire office, and I needed someone urgently to help me get a bunch of things straight. Home Office Organizing rescued me from screwing up and efficiently so. Thanks a bunch-

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Arnold Benchworth

As the only Parent, I find it so cumbersome to arrange my kids’ closets. I almost gave up but then started looking for ways to solve my problem. I found Home Office Organizing through a friend. Totally worth it. I call them time to time and they do a fantastic job every time.

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Tony Wood Walter

Keeping my office organized was taking a toll on my health, time, and my personal life. I needed someone badly to help me organize the four offices I am in charge of. Gladly, Home Office Organizing saved me from a lot of blunders. Thanks a lot. Highly recommended-

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Jenna Marshall

Trying to juggle office and home takes a lot of my time and always one or the other gets compromised. Spending most of the time in my office I get virtually no time to organize my home. Didn’t know there were people who could do it for me. Found Home Office Organizing during my research. They have been a great help ever since!

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